Frequently asked questions

We know you have questions. Here are the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you need further clarification or your question isn't answered here, please contact us below.
  1. What makes The CRÛ unique from the other clubs around this area?
    Our goal is to unite like-minded athletes throughout the region of Central Washington, hence the name, Central Region United (CRÛ). Most clubs cater to the players residing within their city limits. We have broadened that scope and hope to reach elite level athletes from all over the central and eastern region of Washington. We also love our local kids and want to afford any player that would like to join our club the opportunity to do so. In order to do that, we also offer Regional level teams to accommodate those players who are still developing or are just not interested in committing to a National level team.
  2. I heard that you already have your teams selected and that tryouts are by invitation only. Is that true?
    No teams have been chosen for the 2017-2018 season! All teams will be filled with players that attend our tryouts in November. Our tryouts are open to EVERYONE! We are growing in the 2017-2018 season and we are excited to offer more opportunities for players who would like to join us. If you would like to play for The CRÛ this season, make sure you register and attend tryouts!
  3. How many times per week do your teams practice?
    We plan to practice 2 times per week. Our National level teams may practice 3 times per week early in the season, but that will reduce to 2 once tournaments begin.
  4. How many teams will you host this season?
    It is our hope to host the following teams. Whether or not that happens depends entirely on the number and talent level of the players who show up to tryouts. We have enough coaches to host the following teams: U18- 1 National Team U17- 1 National Team, 1 Regional or 17-2 National U16- 1 National Team, 1 Regional U15- 1 Team: level TBD U14- 1 National, 1 Regional U13: 1 National U12- 1 National, 1 Regional
  5. Is 2 practices per week enough?
    Yes! Our practices are designed to be efficient and demanding. We also have lots of traveling coaches and players and we try to limit the amount of time on the road and time away from family and school related activities.
  6. Where do your teams practice?
    Our primary practice facility is located in Yakima. We also host practice in Ellensburg and Tri-Cities depending on specific team needs.
  7. Why would I drive up to 100 miles to participate in your club?
    Only you can answer that question. We believe that if you want to be great, you must surround yourself with greatness. Sometimes, to achieve greatness, you must take the road less travelled. We happen to live in an area that has many small markets but no huge city. Drawing the best athletes from each of these small markets creates a truly competitive team that can go head to head with the largest clubs in the nation. So, sit down with your family and write down your goals for this club season. And then find the team that most aligns with your goals. If you can achieve that within your city limits, then commuting to an out of town club is probably not the right choice for you.
  8. What are your fees?
    Our fees vary depending on age group and type of team. Fees typically range between $900- $2600.
  9. Who are your coaches?
    Take a look at our staff page. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see all of our coaches with a short bio on each one. All of our coaches are highly trained with several years of experience in coaching. Many played on the collegiate level and are now giving back to the sport that gave them so much as an athlete!
  10. Do you offer fundraising to help offset costs?
    We are seeking a fundraising coordinator, and if we have a volunteer to handle that role, then yes! We would love to offer fundraising opportunities in order to reduce costs. Fundraising could also be arranged on an individual team basis if a volunteer would like to coordinate those efforts on a smaller scale. We are not a 501(c)3 club, so unfortunately, we are not able to offer a tax deduction for donations and sponsors.
  11. What if my daughter decides during club season that she no longer wants to play?
    Once a player signs a letter of intent with us, she is committed to her team and coaches, and she is financially committed for the entire season.
  12. Isn't Mario a college coach? How can he coach my high school daughter?
    Yes- Mario is the head coach at Central Washington University. The NCAA allows collegiate coaches to participate as administrators and coaches on the club level with specific compliance rules. It is important that we all respect and follow the NCAA rules. Mario will only be able to coach players from a 100 mile radius. Any player that is a freshman in high school or beyond, who lives outside of 100 miles cannot be on the same courts as Mario.
  13. Can you tell us what those NCAA rules are?
    1.Mario is able to communicate with his athletes and their parents and he is allowed to coach any player that is a legal resident within 100 miles as the crow flies to CWU. Any player selected to play on Mario's team will have their legal address checked for compliance. 2. Mario does not get involved with team selections, other than players for his own team. All other player selections in our club are handled by our Club Director with the assistance of the specific coach for that team. 3. Mario's role within the club is to serve as the technical director for our coaching staff to ensure conformity in how our coaches train, coordinate his team's competition schedule, and coach his teams at competition. He is not here to recruit potential players into his program at CWU. 4. If your athlete is interested in pursuing volleyball at CWU, it is best to filter all recruiting inquiries through our Director, Kim Lacey. The point of contact at CWU for any player in our club is the assistant coach, Chloe Quirk.
  14. How long does your season last?
    All of our teams begin with tryouts in November. Practices begin the first week in December. For National level teams the season runs through May or June depending on whether or not the team qualifies for Nationals. For Regional and Local level teams, the season ends in April. In certain cases a post-season schedule may be offered.
  15. How much travel can I expect?
    National level teams can anticipate 3-4 tournaments within driving distance and 3-4 tournaments that will require air travel. Regional teams can expect all tournaments to be within a 6 hour driving radius.
  16. Do my fees include the cost of travel?
    No- travel expenses including airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, meals, etc are the responsibility of the player. However, all travel expenses for your coaches are included in your fees.
  17. Are you still associated with JVA?
    Yes! We are the only JVA sponsored club in Eastern Washington and we will continue our affilitation with JVA for the 2017-2018 season. We are also members of the ERVA Region of USA Volleyball and AAU and will continue those affilitations as well. We follow all rules concerning tryouts, team selections, recruiting, etc under the guidance of our largest affiliation which is the ERVA of USA Volleyball.
  18. Are you doing all of that switching of rosters again this year?
    No! This year once a team is selected, that roster will be formed and players will not be floating onto other teams. A team may play JVA, ERVA, and AAU sanctioned tournaments, but there will not be separate teams for each affiliation.