Who are we?
Central Region United (CRÛ) is a premier volleyball club program in the central region of Washington state.  The CRÛ will provide a thriving learning environment that will promote advanced and competitive skill development for its athletes to use in a collective team setting.

Our goals are to: 
1. Maximize our potential as athletes and people.
2. Create and maintain a positive and productive team culture.
3. Learn how to thrive in pressure situations.
4. Work as a cohesive unit in the pursuit of excellence.

  1. Training
    We focus on full athlete development including technical and team based coaching, strength and agility, and specialized positional practices.
  2. Team Chemistry
    We believe a strong team chemistry can make the difference between 1st and 2nd place. We work hard on putting the right players together and building a strong team chemistry.
  3. Success
    Success is in our nature. Our players work hard, learn to play fearlessly, and dare to be great. By focusing on potential rather than limitations, we generate superior results!